Like speaking, writing is a very powerful medium to give life to your message. And we all have one!!

My first book, Born Genius, is about re-connecting back to your birth-right – your born and unique genius. It is from this place only that we are able to throw off the shackles of life’s heaviness and achieve our own true greatness in this world.

Born Genius gives you everything that can make your life whole, successful and happy. It considers the spiritual realm, summarises our human experience (warts and all), provides a clear path to whatever you desire, and shows you how to get there. And it will be sustainable long into the future.

If you are anything like me and the thousands of people I have shared my thoughts and passions, you’re sick of the quick fix, the sugar highs that lead to even lower lows, and the addictions that are insatiable. Despite all the theories, all the writing on individual power, the endless messages about self-empowerment, we haven’t had one complete and simple theory and practice that gives us all we need to live a great life. Now, possibly we do.

So, maybe it’s time to pick up Born Genius and commence your journey back to the source of true success!!

Or if you are after another book about being the best you, of which I was asked to contribute a Chapter, consider Secrets of Great Success Coaches as a good read. It asks the professional views of 15 successful coaches on what success is and how to get it. Contributors include (apart from myself), Dr John Demartini and Dr John Gray (Men are From Mars, Women are from Venus), together with many other amazing coaches from around the world.

Also, stay tuned for the following books:

Born Genius for Leaders
Born Genius for Business
Born Genius for Health
Born Genius for Love
Born Genius for Family
Born Genius for Young Adults
Born Genius for Children
Born Genius for Financial Success
Born Genius for Parenting