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Lesson 1 – It’s all about YOU!

If you want to change, no book, no DVD, no coach, no nothing is going to work, unless you make YOU the highest priority (at least during the time you are focused on the change). This is essential, as the energy required to change can be immense. Many see this as selfishness, but I say it is selfish NOT to make you #1 for a little while.

Ask yourself, are all the people I am seeking to serve (aka seeking approval from) really getting the best me when I myself do not know what that is? We can only be for others and the world the limitations we impose on ourselves. For example, do you give your best in your relationships with your partner (if you have one), when you see yourself of undeserving of love? Or, are you the best for your staff or colleagues, when you feel you are not good enough or unworthy. Would your relationships and career (and everything else for that matter) be more fulfilling if you felt more deserving and worthy?

This is THE most important lesson I have learnt, for without this self-awareness or self value nothing will change.

As the incredible Sage Deepak Chopra once told me “We define ourselves by our limitations. We are unlimited potential”. WOW

How do you define yourself? Share with me on twitter and I can help fill in some gaps on “how to” see yourself more fully.

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  1. “The degree of loving is measured by the degree of giving.” ~ Edwin Louis Cole

  2. Raymon Boothe on September 24th, 2011 at 2:11 pm

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