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Musing 13 – Sex, love, work, money – Have I got your attention yet?

Over the wonder-filled Christmas and New Year Break I was able to spend some valuable time reading and reflecting. The two books that have blown my mind and spoke loudly to me are a couple of old classics.

Firstly, Manhood by Steve Biddulph; this was first published in the 90’s but Steve, in his wisdom has updated it for this crazy and ever changing techno time we live in. This is a fundamental book for all men, and frankly women, who wish to understand their fathers, sons, partners or other significant other males. It includes timely and relevant advice on:

  • The Rules for life
  • Parenting Teenagers
  • Sex/Love
  • Fathers/Sons
  • Relationships generally
  • Our work/our worth

And secondly, M Scott Peck’s, The Road Less Travelled; Yes, I know, it is 25 years old and does contain some outdated concepts, but at the core are some of the richest and most in-your-face truths of humanity and its everyday lived experiences. These include:

  • Letting go
  • Discipline
  • Love
  • Sex (woops – sex again – are these male authors obsessed?)
  • Addiction

….just to mention a few areas (the ones that I continually deal with in my practice – and my own life).

Let me say before beginning, that books like this speak to what we need to hear. The musings I am about to make are firstly about what I need – they spoke to me. Perhaps they will speak to you as well – particularly in light of the constant issues that come up for clients and myself in coaching (and life).

So, if these topics ring any bells for you, I would love your comments and thoughts – help me….help you… others. It is our responsibility as human beings.

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