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Musing 12 – A Harsh Christmas Reality

I feel it is very important to acknowledge, not just the season we are in and all the good stuff it holds, but the year that has gone and still is.

For most of us, 2011 has been very challenging. My experience with my clients alone has seen:

  • Businesses fail, or be on the brink
  • People being ruthlessly fired from their jobs
  • Personal intimate relationships finishing in grief and deep sadness
  • Families losing their houses from re-possession or necessary sale
  • Leaders and managers being under more pressure than ever to perform
  • Confusion about the future in all aspects of peoples lives, unlike I have ever seen before
  • A deeper sense of frustration and anger borne out of these and other insidious situations, and worse still
  • People falling into deep anxiety and depression.

I could list more, but what is important here is to be real and appreciate that our world is in pain. And, depending what media you believe in, 2012, is a year fraught with other challenges ahead.

I ask all of us to remember what is important – our families, our friends, ourselves. Please ask for support and help when you feel you are in need. There will always be someone who will care, listen and support, particularly now, over a time when we are all meant to be celebrating a very special and sacred time.

Here are 5 things that might help us all experience a richer Christmas:

  1. Be present in the moment with our loved ones. It is one of the greatest gifts we can give.
  2. Be aware of where someone may not be at their best and ask them “Is there anything I can do to help or support you
  3. Be generous in your giving – of time, an ear, a hug, a thank you, an act of service. And minimize the “stuff” that has been synonymous with giving at Christmas.
  4. What is the greatest gift you can give yourself this Christmas (that costs nothing)
  5. ASK for what you truly need, then receive openly with gratitude.


I send all of you my blessings in this magnificent and challenging time of year.

I look forward to hopefully continuing the journey with you in 2012.



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