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Musing 14 – You are not that important, (or are you?)

WOW – what a revelation. We can spend a lot of our time reinforcing our status, our value, and our importance in the world, when really, maybe it is time to get real, and get over ourselves. Steve Biddulph in his book The New Manhood (2010), in quoting Franciscan Monk Richard Rohr’s 5 life truths of Manhood lists “You are not that important” as the Number 3 lesson for life. And, if you are wondering, … Continue reading

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Lesson 8 – What truly creates change?

When I asked Tal Ben-shahar “What works in truly transforming people” he beautifully gave all of us at the dinner table his research and analytical understanding of the answer to this question. As a leader in the area or Positive Psychology at Pennsylvania University, he started by informing us what factors are not necessarily guarantees of success. These included: 1. Qualifications – A qualified Psychiatrist, with all his/her medical training and years of specialization (all … Continue reading

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Lesson 4 – To be authentic we must betray!

Oh, here is a toughie! If we are going to be this authentic and live true to our best self – I call it our Born and Unique Genius, we need to betray!! What does that mean? Imagine you decided that a friend of 20 years (you never felt they valued you, but in the past you didn’t value you either) was no longer someone you were going to spend time or energy on. You … Continue reading

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