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Lesson 8 – What truly creates change?

When I asked Tal Ben-shahar “What works in truly transforming people” he beautifully gave all of us at the dinner table his research and analytical understanding of the answer to this question. As a leader in the area or Positive Psychology at Pennsylvania University, he started by informing us what factors are not necessarily guarantees of success. These included: 1. Qualifications – A qualified Psychiatrist, with all his/her medical training and years of specialization (all … Continue reading

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Lesson 1 – It’s all about YOU!

If you want to change, no book, no DVD, no coach, no nothing is going to work, unless you make YOU the highest priority (at least during the time you are focused on the change). This is essential, as the energy required to change can be immense. Many see this as selfishness, but I say it is selfish NOT to make you #1 for a little while. Ask yourself, are all the people I am … Continue reading

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What Works and What Doesn’t (ever)

After 12 years, over 4,000 hours of one-on-one coaching, presenting to thousands of people in groups, facilitating change in corporations and businesses, I am just now beginning to truly appreciate what really works, and what doesn’t in empowering others to change and transform. My classroom (and coaching room) of life tells me this – most people will never change much because they don’t really want to. I know this sounds slightly negative and controversial, but … Continue reading

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