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Musing 11 – It doesn’t get easier – I just get faster

I love this quote from Lance Armstrong of Tour de France fame. It has given me two great insights to humanity. There will always be those who continually push life’s envelope, no matter the area of endeavor. And undoubtedly, subject to the cuts and grazes that occur in this space, there will be progress and learning. They will get faster/better/wiser/smarter. Life will always be challenging, exhausting at times and seem just as intense as day … Continue reading

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Lesson 3 – There are no Short Cuts

If lesson one was about being aware of who you are, then it needs to be appreciated that this is the hardest (but most important) thing to change – hence why people choose to just keep setting goals (or giving up on setting them all together), and keep falling short of success. Or just as justifiable, being OK with their beige mediocre lives, We only achieve outcomes that are a reflection of our own limitations. … Continue reading

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Lesson 2- Goals don’t work (yet)

Goals fail, not because they are not good goals or that they weren’t created using a tried and true system (SMART for example), they fail predominantly due to how we see, feel and perceive ourselves. This may be in the mirror, in our minds or in e-motions. Do you think Tiger Woods is failing in the golf world right now because he hasn’t set great goals or is it because his perception of self is … Continue reading

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What Works and What Doesn’t (ever)

After 12 years, over 4,000 hours of one-on-one coaching, presenting to thousands of people in groups, facilitating change in corporations and businesses, I am just now beginning to truly appreciate what really works, and what doesn’t in empowering others to change and transform. My classroom (and coaching room) of life tells me this – most people will never change much because they don’t really want to. I know this sounds slightly negative and controversial, but … Continue reading

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