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I wouldn't wait for Peter to come into your life, I'd knock down his office door today and find out how you can have him inspire you, your team, your workplace
Julie Woods, Founder – That Blind Woman
Peter has opened the shed in my life and given me the understanding of how to use all the tools it contains
Shaun Leck, CPA
I now have a vision that allows me to take opportunities as they arise. Your ability to mix business with coaching intuition has greatly facilitated my growth
Andrew Brownlee, Senior Engineer – Boeing Australia
I went to Peter to find my old self – instead I found a better me
Bec Johnston
Your commitment to holding me accountable has been fantastic. It is never too late to start doing what is right
Aunard DeCamp – National Sales Manager
For anyone who has the desire to discover who you truly and to live the full life you want and deserve – I encourage you to see Peter – he’ll help you transform your life!
Emma Armstrong, Senior Financial Planner
After undertaking Coaching, I can honestly say I am at a point in my life where I am deliriously happy in both my professional and personal lives
Margot Kooij, CEO, Holy Mackerel PR Group
You were amazingly intuitive and passionate! This was an enlightening and insightful experience and you were there every step of the way.
Kym McDonald, Senior Development Officer - Queensland University of Technology
Interestingly, although I first sought coaching to help with my business, I found out that I was becoming a better father, husband, friend and leader.

Laurie Ward, Managing Director – Click Connect
I learnt more in the first hour of coaching than I did in 30 years of living!

Michele Troughear
Coaching and Mentoring has allowed me to distil the barriers to my performance, explore solutions and establish new thought processes and habits that support it all.
Bradley Heath, CEO – RACQ Insurance
In many ways Peter became my business ‘partner’, a source of advice and guidance.
Samantha Benecke, Ex State manager CPA Queensland and New Zealand
I am now happier, braver, at peace, stronger, more understanding, more truthful, comfortable – I am free! WOW.
Dale Cartwright, Managing Director - Cartwright Property Group
I Thoroughly, Highly, Passionately recommend Peter to ANYONE who wishes to grow fast.
Andrew Philips, Director - Fitness First Gyms, SE Asia
Peter’s was pivotal in my mental preparation for a senior role and to focus my attention on maintaining a life-work balance.
Paul Cooper, Managing Partner – Cooper Reeves Accountants
I became more confident and able to do what I love the most in my professional career. The success I have achieved through this has staggered everyone around me.

Dan Carroll, Senior Partner – Grant Thornton Accountants
I was looking at partnership in my company and Peter was there to coach me to this role. I am now a full partner, a director on the board and most importantly I believe in my capacity to do anything.
Sharon Pullen, Partner and Director – DKM Accountants
Peter helped me articulate the intangible. The added bonus was the skill transfer Peter gave me that will support me as my circumstances change in the future.
Ben Tune, Ex Australian Rugby Union Great
Peter helped me gain clarity around my business that allowed me to describe what I am “made for” in life.
Stuart Waddington, Managing Director – New Arenas
Do it – you can’t imagine the results that are possible!
Glen Oldham, Chartered Accountant
Peter was able to help me see, and more importantly hold me accountable to, all the possibilities. Thank you Peter for holding me true to myself
Greg Gunther, Greg Gunter & Associates




Are you living the life you desire? My experience says that for most of us, the answer is an emphatic NO. Yes, there might be bits that give you some level of satisfaction, some that might even be pretty good, but generally, when considered as a whole, there is a deep sense of “this isn’t good enough”.

Coaching, at its core and at its best, is the capacity to take “this isn’t good enough” and convert it to “this is awesome”. Is this something that may interest you?

I take a no nonsense approach to coaching – it’s about truth, accountability, consequences, bravery, trust and wanting it bad enough. The only time we will truly change is when the gain is perceived to be great enough or the pain is no longer bearable. This is the tipping point, and from here there is no return to the “not good enough” you, or the “not good enough” life.

Twelve years of experience has shown me that people want empathy, they want results and they want a clear path on how to get there (wherever there is that is their deepest desire). This is what I offer.

I am truly humbled by what is possible when someone decides to walk his or her path of greatness. It is miraculous when it happens. Are you ready for this? I am, if you are!

“Peter’s commercial and executive coaching experience is a rare and valuable combination that any individual or organisation would benefit from.” Scott Etherington – Managing Director – Bevco

“Peter helped me gain clarity around my business that allowed me to describe what I am made for in life.”  Stuart Waddington – Managing Director – New Arenas

“Peter’s ability to mix business with coaching intuition has greatly facilitated my growth” Andrew Brownlee – Senior Engineer – Boeing Australia