Muse Old

In ancient Greek and Roman mythology the muses… inspired people in the arts and sciences. Before poets or composers in ancient times began any great work, they asked the Muses for help.
Encyclopdia Brittanica

I truly wish the best for my clients. For that reason, the development of the art of musing has come about. Going beyond coaching, musing takes us on a journey of inspiration, fun, often unexpected challenges and most assuredly – life-changing results.

Musing is a revelation – it encompasses using whatever resources you have at your disposal to do exactly what the Muses in Greek Mythology did – inspire people to begin or continue on the path of their own personal great work.

And this (musing), at times, with the right person, for the right purpose, is exactly what can work – even if improvisation is required. Imagine using a poem, a stick, a musical instrument, a plastic lion, a board game, a movie, a model of superman, a role play, a walk in the park, a bike ride, a climb up a mountain or a game of tennis as tools to inspire your clients to their individual greatness.

I use all of these things and much more to a-muse my clients to a place of inspirational change. Isn’t this what people really want?

What are you willing to do to be the best you can be? Are you ready to be a-mused?